Marimer & Victoria

Latina, proud Puerto Rican, raising a bicultural kid in the United States. 

As a Latina mom, I share my culture with my daughter. That includes swapping mac n cheese for arroz con habichuelas and dancing to salsa on Sundays. But, beyond our food and music, I want her to learn and love everything about our country. I constantly searched for resources but I couldn't find exactly what I needed: educational content that was structured yet simple and fun for the whole family.

With my daughter, I started We are Root-Ed.  I wanted to create something special that could help other families that have the same dreams to raise kids that love their Puerto Rican roots. 

Today, we are launching our first subscription box to support families from Puerto Rico. We can't wait for you and your family to enjoy discovering and embracing your roots together!

With love, Marimer & Victoria